Market intelligence and insights that provide clarity in dynamic times.

The Mercantile Market Commentary is our flagship subscription intelligence, delivering expert insights straight into your inbox. Each week, we provide independent analysis and recommendations based on the international and domestic market developments for farmers and others whose daily business is agriculture.

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Subscription based market intelligence

Mercantile offers several frequently produced market intelligence products that provide insight into international and domestic market developments and their implications to your own farming operation or company. An increasingly important feature is the independence of analysis, which is to say that Mercantile conclusions and advice are not influenced by positions or company alignments.


  • Summary and recommendations
  • Oilseeds analysis, domestic and international
  • Pulse crop analysis, domestic and international
  • Wheat, durum, barley, oats from the Canadian perspective
  • Observations from the press and what it means for your business

Data considered:

  • Weekly grain prices
  • Global weather trends
  • CBOT trends
  • Outlooks
  • Acreage trends
  • Export trends
  • Logistics performance

Partner publications

Mercantile partners with organizations to create product-focussed analyses. These offer regular deep dives into a single product, supporting the work of industry experts.

In addition to written commentaries, we are regular guests for podcasts and interviews about the agricultural market.

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Commercial Analyses

  • Per customer specifications

Mercantile develops analyses focusing on particular markets, products or policy events of special interest to the client. These analyses can be short term or ongoing (subscription based).


Mercantile also undertakes public speaking engagements and various communication tasks on topics related to agricultural markets as requested by Agribusiness, Associations, Government and Farm Groups.

  • Market Outlook Presentations and invited speaking engagements
  • Articles on markets, market developments
  • Chapters in books on agricultural markets
  • Webinars
  • Seminars