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Company Concept

Mercantile is based on the concept of maximizing benefits for our clients based on domestic and international market intelligence.

Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc. was established in 2003 by Anthony P. Temple and Marlene Boersch.

Mercantile’s ability to generate market intelligence is based on over 75 years of experience and insight into the global world of agriculture. The strength of the company is derived from our practical expertise at senior levels in the grain industry both in Canada and abroad. Our experience in global marketing of grains, pulses and oilseeds, and in investment of processing assets in numerous geographies, provides us at Mercantile with a unique knowledge base, distinctively applicable expertise, and with exceptional connections to Canadian, U.S. and overseas customers.

All Mercantile intelligence is created in house and the studies, strategies, and recommendations developed for Agribusiness, Associations, Government and importantly farmers are rooted in long term experience in the global world of agriculture.

Strategic thinking honed through working and trading in competitive global markets is the critical strength we offer in our consulting work at Mercantile

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Marlene Boersch

Marlene has been actively involved the agriculture industry in Canada since obtaining her Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Saskatchewan in 1983. She traded and exported Canadian crops internationally for 20 years while working for Cargill Grain, XCAN Grain Ltd, and for Berdex Canada Ltd.  She was also the driving force behind creating Berdex Canada Ltd. and served as Exec. V.P. for 8 years.
In 2003, Marlene co-founded Mercantile Consulting Venture with Anthony Temple, with whom she had worked at Cargill. Marlene currently is Co-owner and Managing Partner at Mercantile, a professional services company specializing in private label market intelligence, risk management solutions, and project consulting. The company has grown to be active in Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Anthony Paul Temple

Tony has a wealth of experience working in agriculture in Winnipeg, Vancouver, London, Paris, Geneva, and Sao Paulo.  He has worked as a manager of a commodity marketing Division of Cargill Canada, and later as Vice President, Manager of the Trading Group for Cargill Agricola.  Later he was Vice President Coffee Operations for Coimbra, Louis Dreyfus.  After returning to Canada, Tony was Vice President and General Manager of Louis Dreyfus Ltd., and then Vice President, Grain and Transportation for ConagraMalt.  Since 2003 he has been a Managing Partner in Mercantile Consulting Inc.  Tony has a deep and thorough understanding of domestic and international grain trading and of risk management and cost analysis in agriculture.


Sandra Kirby

Sandra Kirby, Professor Emerita, University of Winnipeg, works as a consultant with MercantileVentures and is a specialist on research methodology and report writing.

Dr. Kirby is a sport scientist and author of 10 books, including her most recent, Playing it Forward: 50 Years of Women and Sport in Canada (Demers, Greaves, Kirby and Lay).

She is an internationally respected writer and advocate on child protection in sport and is a founding board member of the new Safe Sport International (SSI). Dr. Kirby is an Olympian (1976), a rowing coach at Winnipeg Rowing Club and a cross country ski racer with Team Windchill.

Daryl Tougher

Daryl Tougher worked on the floor of the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange as an independent broker for many years.

With Mercantile, Daryl uses his futures market expertise as well as his talents as a writer on commodity markets.