MERCANTILE Market Insight Aug. 28, 2017

Marlene BoerschMarket Insight

pulse hrvst

Major grains & oilseeds markets Markets continued under pressure from Fund selling and additional aggressive cash selling from Russia and the former FSU.  We don’t see any change in this pattern while- we approach the main US harvest pressure. Funds: … Read More

MERCANTILE Market Insight Aug. 21, 2017

Marlene BoerschMarket Insight

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Major grains & oilseeds markets In the short term, we expect markets to stay close to home. We do expect speculators/speculative funds to raise their overall short position selling more grains and oilseeds especially as we get closer to US … Read More

MERCANTILE Blog: MarketInsight May 29, 2017

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Major grains & oilseeds markets Grain markets finished the week last Friday with a bearish tone, as weather was benign in most of North America. Planting has moved up to about normal progress and crop development is improving as well. … Read More

MERCANTILE Blog: MarketInsight May 8, 2017

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Major grains & oilseeds markets Given the world’s fundamentals for grains & oilseeds, the marketplace will remain fixated on seeding progress and crop conditions for a while, especially with several potential problems: Dryness across Spain, the UK and the Baltics … Read More

MERCANTILE Blog: MarketInsight May 1, 2017

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Kenaston 11 am 05-09-'14

Major grains & oilseeds markets Last week’s IGC report neatly summarizes the starting point to the new crop season for grains:  There has been stock accumulation for 3 years and big old crop inventories are coming into the new crop … Read More

MERCANTILE Blog: MarketInsight April 24, 2017

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Major grains & oilseeds markets Corn, wheat and soybeans all ended up lower for the week. Funds, including Index Funds, were sellers of everything. On wheat, spec funds added another 7,667 contracts to their net short position in Chicago Wheat … Read More